Turn product usage into sales insights.

Drive conversions with visibility into how your leads engage with your product.

Salespeople 3x conversion rates by engaging leads during free trials.

Drive Sales with Product Analytics.

Turn your trial & freemium account user behavior data into enriched, real-time sales insights to better engage with your leads with unique messaging.

Act on your Customer's Journey.

Productlift's analytics platform enables SaaS businesses to gain valuable insights on the features that drive conversion of different buyer personas.

Optimize your Sales Cycle.

Understand which product features drive value to your prospective customers. Optimize your sales cycle with targeted conversations that connects your sales team with their prospects.

Product Qualified Leads.

Product Usage Analytics

Get visibility into what drives engagement of your prospects. Understand what delivers value.

Customer Journeys

As leads navigate through your product, Productlift Identifies high-impact opportunities throughout their customer journey.

Product Feature Adoption

Optimize product feature adoption by building immersive product experiences that people love.

Prospect Segmentation

Segment leads best fit for sales managers, SDRs, AEs with powerful multidimensional segmentation.

PQL Lead Scoring

Get visibility into new signups and their buying intent with lead scoring based on how prospects engage with your product.

Customer Retention

Identify which customer experiences lead to churn. Score accounts to act sooner and increase customer retention and growth.

Pretty sweet right?