Productlift Summer Release 2019

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Introducing a snappier, more robust Productlift experience.

The Summer Release 2019 version of Productlift is a whole lot faster, delivering real-time data to enable in-the-moment touchpoints with your leads.

It’s a story we’ve heard again and again: Which accounts are highly engaged and what specifically are my champions doing?

What started out as a mess of product usage data has grown to clean, simple, fast, and actionable sales insights that product-led growth organizations are relying on to convert better.

For some of our more data-rich customers that means tens of thousands of engagement points any time.

As more users engage, the more Productlift needs to analyze usage data, filter out the noise, and deliver useful sales insights. The underlying technology that supports this analysis and delivery process not only must scale, but must feel snappy and serve up real-time data.

We’re proud to announce our Summer 2019 release that delivers next-level product-led growth insights that empowers sales and marketing teams to better understand, react, and convert their customers.

Here are a few highlights:

Account Details View

productlift summer release 2019 account details view screenshot

Across the board, our customers want to know the overall health an account. We’re proud to bring you the Account Details view where you can see an aggregate of all users from a specific account.

This view is so important because it highlights:

  • Who your REAL champions are
  • Who’s falling off from the buyer journey
  • Who may be influencing buying decisions
  • Who else you need to be talking to at that account

The Account Details view enables you to identify the most effective product interactions that converts to business growth. You can see how different accounts and verticals behave and adjust your sales touchpoints to better connect, serve, and close those leads.

Lead Drill-Down View

productlift lead drill-down view screenshot

Being able to see the total actions from users is good, but getting visibility into what specifically you’re leads are doing inside your product is next-level.

Now you can identify which product interactions and milestones your leads have completed with more granularity, but without being overcome by too much data noise.

With the Lead Details Drill-Down view, you can understand how your sales touchpoints (emails, calls, etc.) impact product usage:

  • Did they log in after a touchpoint?
  • Did they re-engage with a specific feature set that you spoke about over the phone?
  • Did they complete a milestone that often leads to conversions?
  • What exactly did my lead do in the product and how can I better nurture them?
  • Are there roadblocks in their journey?
  • Which feature sets are most important to different personas?

By connecting key product engagements to sales conversions, you’ll get a better picture of your buyers journey, clearer view of which milestones your leads have achieved, and the ability to convert at the most opportune moment of their buyers journey.

Activity Trend Metric

As a salesperson, you want an easy and quick way to see how your leads activity is trending. Are they using the product more or less over the past 7-days, and why?

This is a very powerful indicator that can tell many stories about what is going on with your prospect. For example, if you start seeing a decline in their 7-day activity trend, you can drill-down into that leads actions and see which key engagements they had or didn’t have. You can then act on this information to reverse the downward trend.

On the flip side, if you see a lead suddenly show high engagement, that could be a great time to reach out and convert – striking while the iron is hot! Now you have visibility into their general trends, and insights into what specifically they’ve been doing in your product so you can better engage with your lead.

This update is rolled out and available to all users. Keep an eye on our documentation to more information and details.

Happy converting!

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